Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pack Tear: Panini 2009-10 Basketball

I needed a storage box for all the cards I plan on giving a good home to, since I'm starting from scratch here at university, so I headed over to the local card shop on the other side of town.  I picked up a 3200 ct / 4 row box and while I was there 2 packs of 2009/10 Panini basketball.  Its got the local boy Blake Griffin on it after all.  While I do have a full box of Panini headed this way sometime in the next week, I couldn't resist the urge.

The first pack was quite disappointing; Panini claims one insert card per pack and this one had none and even had two #282 Ben Wallace.  Duplicates should never exist within the same pack! Within the same box sure, that's unavoidable, but the same box, never.  The rookie card in this pack was #386 Dejuan Blair (disappointing, yes). The only thing that saved this pack was the #231 Kevin Durant.  Send as many Thunder cards this way as possible Panini.

Pack two needed to show some sign of equality in order for me to consider this product worth the purchase.  Shine through it did, sort of.  It did contain the advertised insert, two of them actually, so I guess that makes up for the missing one in the first pack.  The highlights from the pack are rookie #349 Goran Suton, Future Stars Insert #14 Nick Young, #7 Rajon Rondo, AND a Kevin Durant sticker.

Two K.D.s not a bad start afterall.  Looking forward to the complete box coming this way soon.


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