Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let the Low Ends Keep Pouring In

2004 Topps had a ton of parallels, at least more than I've seen in most base sets.  I'm just beginning to crack the ice when it comes to all the parallels for Lastings' rookie cards.  As a part of a lot for $1.50 which also included two of the 2004 Topps #680 base Lastings' cards I acquired these two relatively cheap gems:

<- 2004 Topps Pristine #138
Numbered 018/999 this card has a glossy, chrome, bumped finish.  #138 is the uncirculated print, with #137 the common, and #139 the rare.  The set has Refractor, Gold Refractor, and 4 Printing Press (1/1) Parallels each.

2004 Topps Gold #680 ->
This parallel card is numbered 1635/2004.  Gold in this set doesn't seem to look as good as the base set cards do.  The gold dulls the image.  White just holds the layout better.

I can't imagine paying $4.50 retail for the Topps Pristine when it was released.  The boxes still sell for $166.95 on Amazon six years later.

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