Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Beginnings

I've recently gotten back into the hobby of collecting sports cards (and by recently I mean over the last two weeks), after a six year hiatus. I'm towards the last year of university and have grown bored with video games and drinking to excess. My plans with this blog are to provide regular box breaks and highlights (text and pics only) and the occasional insight on the industry. This will be my first, hopefully successful, set build; I've tried a few times when I collected in the past, but lacked the necessary funds, time, & want to do so. My first set to focus on will be 2010 Topps baseball, at the same time I'll be starting on Opening Day and Heritage. While these will be my main focus, I've got hundreds of dollars worth of boxes en route to my place right. The boxes bits and pieces of everything and I plan on breaking everyone for the readers.

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