Monday, June 7, 2010


beckett, fix your damn site!!! I'm so sick and tired of hitting reload for 30 minutes before I can see the bs prices you've got listed, and which never get updated, for which to use as a baseline for my cleaning out my big collection

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Changes in Practice

So I've done some thinking lately and decided that this whole project of documenting absolutely everything I do in collecting is quite too extensive for how much work I do.  So from now on I'll only be posting Box Breaks of the stuff most of the big guys don't cover with the occasional miscellaneous stuff.

While I've got your attention though, please do take a look at my eBay listings.  I'm trying to make back some of the way-too-much money I've already spent since getting back in the game.   Blog readers get 30% discount on shipping for cards, just request an invoice and mention it in the note.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break Surprises

I'm off on spring break from university now, and as such had been planning on picking up my old cards from home.  I was expecting to find a few boxes, mostly of 2004 topps (my favorite).  Little did I know that 5 5000-count boxes awaited me.  Inside were some 3000 04 topps, nearly complete 04 topps chrome and 04 finest, tons of 04 playoffs, and zillions from the era of overproduction.  There were some two hundred GU cards, not to mention all the parallels and autos from chrome.  I plan on going through all the tons of randoms and 86-91s and selling them all off.  The 2004 playoff sets aren't entirely complete, but I'd like to work on them, however I can't find boxes of them anywhere on the net (if you know of a place selling them please let me know). 

I know I'm way behind in box breaks and pc updates, but have been dealing with midterms stuff for the last couple weeks.  Should be a few breaks coming this week.  Will link my ebay page also since there will be plenty listed on there over the next couple months

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Set Completion Update

Just a little update on the sets I'm collecting this year.  I finished up the base set for 2010 Topps Opening Day pulling #209 Madison Bumgarner with my 2nd to last pack of my 2nd box.  That leaves me with a full base set +90% of a second.  I still needed about half the inserts, but don't feel like it would be worth it on opening a third box, which I can now sell for ~$30 I guess, so I just picked up the remaining inserts on ebay (still need the Philly Phanatic though) and decided on not finished the Topps Town and Topps Attax inserts, cause they just don't mesh with it all to me. 
As far as 2010 Topps Series one goes, I lack on base card #304, after a retail and hobby box.  Should be able to knock that out with the hot packs I'm getting in from ebay.  About half way on most of the inserts, this set won't be getting completed on ebay.  Just broke my first box of heritage ever; look forward to a box break review some time in the next week.  I'm also working on 2004 Topps Chrome Series 2 (best set ever IMHO), Panini Prestige, and others.  Those will be future projects however. 

If anyone's interested in a box of 2010 Opening Day let me know.

Box Break: 2009/10 Panini Basketball

This is the first year for the NBA's exlusivity deal with Panini, a company which is best known for their sticker albums.  They're very well know over in Europe, especially for their football (soccer) sets.  Panini was a strange choice to most of us, but surely the NBA knew what it was doing.  This is the first NBA set released by Panini in 2009 for the current season and as such is the most basic of all their releases surely.  I acquired this box from Dave & Adams Card World for $43.00.  My local boy, Blake Griffin, is on the box so I just couldn't resist.  The box consists of 36 packs at 12 cards/pack.  There are no insertion ratios I can find on the internets, or even on the packs, about this set.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Why is it, as I'm sitting here sorting through other cards, that I keep opening packs of Heritage just for the gum?  Its so gross and hard, but its keeping my attention.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy busy

No updates today. Two essays on Kinetic Energy Interceptors and a paper on the Cold War. Look forward to a box break of 2009-10 Panini basketball

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