Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Set Completion Update

Just a little update on the sets I'm collecting this year.  I finished up the base set for 2010 Topps Opening Day pulling #209 Madison Bumgarner with my 2nd to last pack of my 2nd box.  That leaves me with a full base set +90% of a second.  I still needed about half the inserts, but don't feel like it would be worth it on opening a third box, which I can now sell for ~$30 I guess, so I just picked up the remaining inserts on ebay (still need the Philly Phanatic though) and decided on not finished the Topps Town and Topps Attax inserts, cause they just don't mesh with it all to me. 
As far as 2010 Topps Series one goes, I lack on base card #304, after a retail and hobby box.  Should be able to knock that out with the hot packs I'm getting in from ebay.  About half way on most of the inserts, this set won't be getting completed on ebay.  Just broke my first box of heritage ever; look forward to a box break review some time in the next week.  I'm also working on 2004 Topps Chrome Series 2 (best set ever IMHO), Panini Prestige, and others.  Those will be future projects however. 

If anyone's interested in a box of 2010 Opening Day let me know.

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